Kate Bush – Hounds of love (1985)

Somewhere in the depth there is a light

“Hounds of love” is the album by Kate Bush for me. It’s the one I have loved over the years. Her magnum opus. Sadly, I was kind of disappointed by the follow-up album “The sensual world” and I lost track of Kate for many years. Kate’s music was not there any longer, the picture in my mind of her froze in time and in that picture “Hounds of love” is number one.

The album is a tale of two sides. On side A we get the well-known songs, all the singles. The second side is however to me the more interesting. It’s an one-sided concept album. It should be listened to in one go. Kate calls it “The Ninth Wave”. It is glorious.

But the first side first. It is opening up with “Running up that hill”, a song maybe too well known for some connoisseurs, but I love it immensely.  “Hounds of love” and “The big sky” are not my favourites even though the latter is quite heavy with the Gabriel-esque drums.

“Mother stands for comfort” is oddly comforting. The song’s protagonist is the mother of a murderer, but she still loves and protects him. Like in a Pink Floyd production we have sounds from real life evoking feelings. Here it’s sounds of breaking glass among other. The melody is outside in but controlled by Kate’s voice comforting us.

“Cloudbusting” is the one with that music video, you know? You know! This is a damn good song, I must say. It just makes me happy.

“The Ninth wave” should be played on loud volume on your record player! I sat in my favourite chair and listened to it with my headphones. It is soo good. The story of a woman drowning after her ship went under. The woman is maybe saved, maybe she dies and is reborn again. As a lifelong sailor this “song” speak to me on multiple levels.

The music flows and builds up to a majestic ending. The last three tracks are the best; the “Jig of life” with the Irish folk music influences, the dramatic “Hello Earth” with the marvelous singing by Kate, and “The morning fog” as a gentle soothing song to round the album off. “Hello Earth” is impossibly beautiful and I always feel like crying when I hear it.

We have a new leader in the club house. This is the best album in her catalogue. Will it keep the lead all the way?

My rating: 8.5/10

Side A:

  1. Running up that hill (a deal with God)
  2. Hounds of love
  3. The big sky
  4. Mother stands for comfort
  5. Cloudbusting

Side B:

  1. And dream of sheep
  2. Under ice
  3. Waking the witch
  4. Watching you without me
  5. Jig of life
  6. Hello Earth
  7. The morning fog

Best songs: “Running up that hill”, “Cloudbusting”, “The Ninth Wave” with highlights “Jig of life”, “Hello Earth” and “The morning fog”.

Produced by: Kate Bush

Media: Remastered 180 gram vinyl, reissued in 2018 (part of Remastered In Vinyl II)

Released: September 16, 1985



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