Kate Bush – 12″ mixes (2018)

I don’t know what’s good for me

I have never been a big fan of remixes. It was a very popular thing in the eighties, when I started to collect vinyl the first time, but I never got it. How many versions were there of Paul McCartney’s “No more lonely nights” really? Way too many I think… Tongue in cheek.

The fourth box released in 2018 called “Remastered in vinyl IV” contains four LPs containing non-album tracks. The first of these LPs contains something called the “12” Mixes”. Ahh, an album full of mixes. Bowie’s team did a similar thing for the “Loving the alien” vinyl box with the album “Dance”.

But yes, there have been great remixes also, not all is lost. Two come to mind, both from Bowie. The “Hello spaceboy” remix by The Pet Shop Boys is great, the remix is almost like a re-work and we get an almost new song with new vocals added. Also, the “MM Remix” version of “Time will crawl” was so good. It opened the door to a do-over of the over-produced 1987 album “Never let me down”. The success of that remix led to the whole album being re-engineered and given a more timeless feeling. The re-work included remixing and re-recordings by the notorious “MM” (Mario J. McNulty) as well as contemporary Bowie musicians. It too is included in the mentioned “Loving the Alien” box. More on that in future Bowie reviews here at Onelouder…

How are the remixes on this Kate Bush album then? Of course, remixes of great songs are more likely to be good than bad, and here we have remixes of some of her strongest material. “Running up that hill” is one of her greatest songs, her “Smoke on the water”. Unfortunately, I really dislike the re-mixed version. They are messing with Kate’s singing introducing echoes, modulation and “special effects” that make me cringe. That said there is one nice extended guitar piece in the second half that I like.

“The big sky” is quite nice, but as usual in these extended mixes the producer feels it necessary to add too much stuff. A part where spoken words describe clouds takes me out of the song as it feels too gimmicky.

The “Cloudbusting” mix is one of the better ones, it’s quite majestical actually. Maybe because it is only slightly altered.

“Hounds of love” is great! My favourite track on the album. The repeated lyrics sung in a very interesting variation to the album version. Well done team!

Well, also the “Experiment IV” version is rather good. It’s a song released as a single 1986 in anticipation to the upcoming “Best of”-album “The Whole Story”. However, I never connected to the song as much as to the songs from “Hounds Of Love”.

A remix album? Not the most exciting thing in my collection, I must say, but here it is, and I guess it’ll get a spin now and then anyway.

My rating: 4/10

Side A:

  1. Running up that hill (A deal with God) (12” Mix, originally released in 1985)
  2. The big sky (Meteorological mix) (Extended mix released on 12” in 1986)

Side B:

  1. Cloudbusting (The orgonon mix) (The 12” remix released in 1985)
  2. Hounds of love (Alternative mix) (Extended remix released on 12” in 1986)
  3. Experiment IV (Extended mix) (single only, released on 12” in 1986)

Best songs: “Hounds of love”

Produced by: Kate Bush

Media: Remastered 180 gram 4 x vinyl, box set, released 2018 as Remastered In Vinyl IV

Released: November 30, 2018

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