Kate Bush – The other side (2018)

The stars look down upon her

“The other side” are two LPs full of b-sides and odd tracks from Kate’s career. The LP-covers have two variants of the same photo and they are among her best album art ever. We see Kate’s bare back with her arms in a pose for a mysterious signal. Lyrics from “Running up that hill” on her arms. Can the great cover pictures be an indication of the content? Are there hidden treasures here?

The first song that stand out to me is the utterly beautiful and soft song Lyra from the “The Golden Compass” soundtrack. Orchestral music accompanies Kate’s amazing voice, can you ever get bored by it?

“Lyra” is great, but an even better song is “Under the ivy”. Simple piano, some chorus in the background and Kate’s voice. The answer is still no.

A well-known song sung in French, “Un baiser pas” is great, on account of that the original song “The infant kiss” being a masterpiece. “Home for Christmas” is an indication that Kate could be a great jazz singer. I sure would like to hear her more in that genre.

“Passing through air” is of course extremely interesting as it is such an early song, recorded in 1973 when she was only fifteen years old, and because it is recorded with David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame.

The unreleased “Humming” is even more fun. Is it Kate channelling her inner Emmylou Harris in this country-influenced song? And when we are talking fun little songs, how about “Ran tan waltz”? It could easily be fitted in the soundtrack from “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain”. It is such a lovely little song, as if taken from a café in Paris.

It’s hard to get a true unique feeling from an album filled with fillers. Too many different vibes and musical themes. Each LP is anchored with two of her best songs updated with new vocals, “Running up that hill” and “Wuthering heights” respectively, and that’s great. But all the other songs then, are they good together? I like the album as a curiosity, and some songs are truly great. Still it doesn’t compete with the best of the “real” albums.

My rating: 6/10

Side A:

  1. Walk straight down the middle (b-side of the “The sensual world” single 1989)
  2. You want alchemy (b-side of the “Eat the music” single 1994)
  3. Be kind to my mistakes (from the “Castaway” soundtrack 1987)
  4. Lyra (from the “The Golden Compass” soundtrack 2007)
  5. Under the ivy (b-side of “Running up that hill” single 1985)

Side B:

  1. Experiment IV (Single 1986)
  2. Ne t’enfuis pas (originally released as a b-side on “Suspended in Gaffa” 1982, and single 1983)
  3. Un baiser pas (French version of “The infant kiss”, b-side of “Ne t’enfuis pas” single 1983)
  4. Burning bridge (b-side of the “Cloudbusting” single 1985)
  5. Running up that hill (2012 remix)

Side C:

  1. Home for Christmas (b-side of the “Moment of pleasure” single in 1993)
  2. One last look around the house before we go (instrumental song, b-side of the “Love and anger” single 1990)
  3. I’m still waiting (b-side of the “This woman’s work” single 1989)
  4. Warm and soothing (b-side of the “December will be magic again” single 1980)
  5. Show a little devotion (b-side of the “Moments of pleasure” single 1993)

Side D:

  1. Passing through air (b-side of the “Army dreamers” single 1980. Recorded in 1973 in David Gilmours studio when Kate was fifteen years old)
  2. Humming (demo 1973, previously unreleased)
  3. Ran tan waltz (b-side of the “Babooshka” single 1980)
  4. December will be magic again (single 1980)
  5. Wuthering heights (Remix / new vocal from “The whole story” 1986)

Best songs: “Lyra”, “Under the ivy”, “Experiment IV”, “Show a little devotion”, “Humming” and “Ran tan waltz”

Produced by: Kate Bush

Media: Remastered 180 gram 4 x vinyl, box set, released 2018 as Remastered In Vinyl IV

Released: November 30, 2018

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