Neil Young – Fireside Sessions I (2020)

A gift was given

Celebrating Neil Youngs fantastic website Neil Young Archives, NYA, I am going to write about the “in the moment”-home videos Neil has released recently.

Neil and wife and camera person Daryl Hannah have recorded short films with Neil playing songs in the home or around his ranch up in the mountains of Colorado. They are called “Fireside Sessions” as he is sitting at fireplaces outdoor or in the living room. This first one was recorded in March, when it was snow in the air. 

Neil has a great sense of humour and the feeling in these recordings is wonderful. I love it when Daryl laughs behind the camera. Neil talks a little in between songs sometimes which is very nice. I love the harmonica holder story.

The films are sponsored by water. Enjoy it while it last!

The films are available at Neil’s site NYA. He has made it free and available for all during the corona pandemic. The subscription cost for the site is super low so I can only recommend it anyway. But especially now.

“Sugar mountain” is a nice first song. It is often played live. First released as a b-side on a single in 1968, it was also included on the 3LP compilation “Decade”. The second song “Vampire blues” from “On the beach” is somewhat of an surprise, showing that Neil surely will dig deep into his treasure trove of songs on these recordings.

“Love art blues” was still unreleased on a studio album at this recording. It is included on the coming album “Homegrown” to be released in June (2020). It is also included in the massive live album “CSNY 1974” from 2104.

After a small attempt of yodeling Neil brings out a staple from acoustic shows, “Tell me why”, the first track on “After the gold rush”. The next one is a lovely one. “Razor love” was released on “Silver & Gold” but it was debuted live in concert way back in 1984. The last song is a big surprise, “Little wing” performed on an old piano! It’s the “Hawks & Doves” track which was done on harmonica and guitar on the record.

Overall a very nice gift from Neil and Daryl. I lift my hat.


  1. Sugar Mountain
  2. Vampire blues
  3. Love art blues
  4. Tell me why
  5. Razor love
  6. Little wing (on piano)

Best songs: “Vampire blues”, “Love art blues”, “Razor love” and “Little wing”.

Recorded on March 19, 2020

Link to current NYA page with the film.

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