Neil Young – Fireside Sessions II (2020)

Snow angels 

The second Fireside Session was recorded a mere week after the first one and now the snow was deep in the Mountains of Colorado. Neil plays “Four strong winds” in a profusely snowfall. But it is still, no strong wind in sight. Daryl makes snow angels. A strange situation we all are in now. How beautiful life is but it is not nice with a pandemic.

“Angel baby” is a short snippet played when Daryl plays in the snow. I don’t know the origin of that song. “Four strong winds” is the rare cover by Neil that we find as the last track on “Comes a time”. 

“This is a soap opera”. Neil washes his hands and present today’s episode sponsor: water and soap. Sings a few words of “Happy birthday”…

“On the beach” is started out slow and tentative. Neil plays the harmonica and drumming on the guitar interwoven, strange. Then he sits down and do it for real. It is magical. EARTH.

After the song Neil fixes his harmonica holder again, an old horseshoe, mumbling. 

With the harmonica in place and the guitar in order he continues with “Homefires”. Still mumbling sort of, but who cares? Soon my friends, soon. In June it will be here, the album.

Next up is the classic “Words” from “Harvest”. It is a song that almost always is played with full band. It is a song that easily is expanded live, it can run for 10+ minutes easily. Here in a stripped down version on acoustic guitar and the odd harmonica solo. Quite unexpected and very nice. Oh, no, maybe I misspoke, no song selection on these sessions are unexpected I guess, but nevertheless.

The last song for the day is the unexpected, nevertheless, “Love and only love” from “Ragged glory”. Interesting and stellar. Performed in the wood shed. Hey, what about “Ragged glory 2” that was supposed to come out 2019, 2020, when? Now it might come out in 2021 instead. As long as he doesn’t announce it for “May”…

Again a very interesting “Fireside session”. Nicely shot in a mix of color and back and white.

“Take care everybody.”

Thanks Neil and Daryl.


  1. Four strong winds
  2. Angel baby (snippet)
  3. Birds (on piano)
  4. On the beach
  5. Homefires
  6. Words
  7. Love and only love

Best songs: “On the beach”, “Words” and “Love and only love”.

Recorded on March 26, 2020.

Link to the current page on NYA for the short film.

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