Genesis – Trespass (1970)

Knifing on

“Trespass”, Genesis second album, is one of those albums were the cover art draws you in. I love the blue cover. It’s from a fantastical world; a king, a queen, a balcony with domed windows, an angel, the devil and a knife.

“Trespass” is one of the pillars of progressive rock of the early seventies. It leans heavily on Peter Gabriel’s voice draped over a dynamic musical landscape. The music flows between drum heavy up tempo and slower parts that overlaps classical music. Twelve string guitars and flute is dominant. And it is heavenly.

The first side is fantastic. All three songs are beautiful. They take the listener on a journey info fantasyland. Some random key words found in the lyrics; dagger, sunlight through the trees, darkness of my mind, howling for blood, the Crown of the Gods, visions of angels, dance in the sky. Those words and lines paint pictures in my mind.

The second side is a little more uneven. “Stagnation” is however all but. Sure it starts out slow, but it gets more lively during the latter part. “Dusk” is a shorter bridge into the final battle, reminding me of a sixties pop song until Peter starts playing the flute. The bell is so fragile. What a singular sound. This LP’s mastering is marvellous.

“The Knife” is a force of nature, a live favourite, and one of the handful of songs that made me a Genesis fan. I like the brutality of the song, the never relenting drums and keyboards. Peter’s singing is engaging. What it is Peter? Stand up and fight! The song is like a small concert of its own with phases, peaks, soft parts, flute, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards all having their moments. As interesting as great.

Genesis was in a state of turmoil at the development of this album. They were headed by Peter Gabriel, keyboardist Tony Banks, bassist Mike Rutherford and guitarist Anthony Phillips. This is however the last album with guitarist Phillips and the only one with drummer John Mayhew. Soon drummer Phil Collins and guitarist Steve Hackett would join and the band would solidify. “Trespass” is the first of a quintet of great album, defining the progressive rock scene forever.

My rating: 7/10

Side A:

  1. Looking for someone 
  2. White Mountain
  3. Visions of angels

Side B:

  1. Stagnation
  2. Dusk
  3. The knife

Best songs: “Looking for someone”, “White Mountain” and “The Knife”

Released on October 23, 1970

Media: Reissued and remastered 180 gram vinyl, 2016, gatefold

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