Deep Purple – Deep Purple in rock (1970)

Wait for the ricochet 

My introduction to Deep Purple came via a music group talent competition in my home town back in the eighties. A local group with a fantastic singer did “Child in time” as one of their numbers. Each band would play a handful of songs and then the audience voted which bands would go through to the next level. I was there mostly for my friends that did a set of Cure covers. They called themselves “The Funeral Party”. They didn’t win it all but we had a blast. The band with “Child in time” was one of my favourites due to the song and the performance of that young man. After that I soon found a used copy of “Live in Japan” and that was my ticket into Deep Purple.

Now, I am listening to this classic album and I like it. I mean it’s fine. It is not my favourite genre of course. It is a little too simplistic, I am afraid, but the band is a classic and you want to know your music history.

The first side is rather good. “Speed king” is a fun song, even better live I think. “Bloodsucker” is also fun, enjoyable, but I’m not overly impressed. “Child in time” is the highlight of the album still. The intro with Jon Lord’s organ is great and Ian Gillan’s singing is something else. The song has almost the same structure as “Stairway to heaven”, don’t you think? But the voice of Ian Gillan makes this song stand out on its own. A heavy song.

The second side is a little boring. Seems to be a straight forward kind of heavy rock with the deep roots. I like the organ parts, but I am not overly fond of boring drum solos. 

Overall a nice album for the collection and it has its historical significance, but I will probably not play it overly often. 

My rating: 4/10

Side A:

  1. Speed King
  2. Bloodsucker
  3. Child in time

Side B:

  1. Flight of the rat
  2. Into the fire
  3. Living wreck
  4. Hard lovin’ man

Best songs: “Chile in time”

Released on June 3rd, 1970

Media: Reissued 180 gr vinyl, 2016, gatefold

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