Paul McCartney – McCartney (1970)

Maybe I’m unamazed

Macca’s first solo album is a collection of leftover songs from the Beatles era and some new ones. It seems to be a collection of home demos. According to the internets the songs were recorded on a four track machine. All instruments are played by Paul, with some help from Linda on backing vocals. I really liked this album black in the eighties when I started to hang out with my friend Mr Magic who was and is a huge Beatles fan. How would it stand up the test of time and my slowly evolving musical taste?

This album clearly doesn’t sounds like The Beatles, and I can understand if it was met with frowns at the time of its release. I think the idea is fine, it’s good that Macca did something of his own. But unfortunately I am not overly impressed of this album, nowadays at least. It feels quite boring, bleak and too simplistic. And I am not thinking about the arrangements or the production value. As a guy who adore everything Neil Young does a simple acoustic album is not the problem. No, I am talking about the tonality of the record and the feelings it gives me. I don’t get excited by the album. Maybe it has overstayed its welcome…

There are nevertheless a few songs that pops out. I like “Junk” from the first side of the record. On the second side there is the instrumental jam “Momma Miss America” with Paul on electric guitar which is quite nice. The second junk song is beautiful. The album cover is also nice.

“Maybe I’m amazed” is the most well known song on the album. It was played often live during the seventies and included on all those audience bootlegs with crappy sound quality we had on TDK or Maxell tapes. The 1972 tour was always in a particular bad shape sound quality wise. Those were the times! Why did we collect them? It’s hard to understand nowadays. I feel a sting of nostalgia listening to the song. But it’s like my life has passed it by.

This is a record I will always cherish for the family history and memories from my youth. The LP always was there when I was little, my father loved The Beatles, and he gave me all his records before he passed away. So it will always remain in my collection, but it will not be in my primary list of albums to spin.

My rating: 4/10

Side A:

  1. The lovely Linda
  2. That would be something
  3. Valentine Day
  4. Every night
  5. Hot as sun/Glasses
  6. Junk
  7. Man we was lonely

Side B:

  1. Oo you
  2. Momma Miss America
  3. Teddy Boy
  4. Singalong junk
  5. Maybe I’m amazed
  6. Kreeen-Akrore

Best songs: “Junk”, “Momma Miss America”, “Singalong junk” and 

Released on April 17, 1970

Media: 1970 UK LP, gatefold

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