Neil Young – Fireside Sessions Barnyard Edition (2020)

All together

The things I love the most with NYA? I love the “Hearse Theater” with all the films of unreleased and released live concerts. I love the “Letters to the Editor” where the man himself answers letters from the fans. And I love these “Fireside Sessions” that keeps popping up as welcoming surprises. And remember, Neil has made the whole site free during the pandemic.

This, the fifth “Fireside Session” is a little different, it’s the “Barnyard Edition”. Very nice indeed. To start Daryl intwerviews Lazlo the alpaca. He has an impressive bangs, and he’s cute, don’t say you disagree. Then Daryl cuts to Neil at the pen for the horses playing “Tumbleweed” on a small instrument. Is it a banjo, I wonder, no, but maybe an ukelele. It is a nice song from this side of the millennia. Next up, Neil enters the stage at the henhouse and plays “Homegrown” for the birds. They are picking on the ground. Neil has comfortable clothes.

How I long for the soon to be released album “Homegrown”. It may be some 45 years late, but better late than never as we use to say.

Nice thing when Neil uses the inside of the henhouse as an amplifier for the harmonica. The hens and the rooster seemed to like the performance so this is where Neil will perform his songs today. Next, a long intro, that leaves me scrambling in my mind for the title. It turns out to be “Spakin’ out” the “TTH” track. Wow, surprise! No words this time though.

The very best song fom “Harvest”? It has been a constant question I have struggled with over the years. Since a while back the question can now be firmly answered. It is the title track, “Harvest”. Here we get a very sensitive rendition of the song in front of the mama hens. So beautiful that I get tears in my eyes, only heightened by Daryls chuckling in the background. “That’s nice” Daryl offers from behind the camera, and I can only agree. Neil tries one other oldie, “Old man”. The right song for the right occasion I would say.

This session is very laid back. Neil makes noises with the guitar and the chickens comes towards him. Even the birds love his music. As always the film is sponsored by water. Over some hard to recognize tunes from “The ways of love” we get to take a bath together with a duck. Water is life.

The film can not go on for ever, we are running out of time. Neil plays “Everybody knows this is nowhere” walking among the hens and ducks. The harmonica solo again played into the chamber. Before the last song Neil does a cock-a-doodle-doo! LOL.

“War of man”. Powerful. Again out in the horses pen. The big Coloradian sky golden by the setting sun. Neil in shadows as the men he is singing about. Powerful.

Thanks Neil and Daryl.


  1. Tumbleweed (performed on a very small string instrument)
  2. Homegrown
  3. Speakin’ out
  4. Harvest
  5. Old man
  6. The ways of love
  7. Everybody knows this is nowhere
  8. War of man

Best songs: “Harvest”, “Homegrown”, “Everybody knows this is nowhere” and “War of man”.

Recorded on May 20, 2020

Link to the current page on NYA for the short film.

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