Neil Young – Everybody’s rockin’ (1983)

Never to be heard on the radio

“Everybody’s rockin’” was the second album on Geffen Records and now it got even more crazy. This is a true rockabilly album. Think 50’s rock. Amazing that Neil did this to his friend David Geffen. I for one am not a fan of this genre. Hate is a strong word and not to be used for reviews of music, but I really don’t like that type of music. How is it then when my musical hero Neil does it? Something must give…

Ahh, yes I can’t deny that this is working better than I expected. It’s still Neil singing! Four out of the ten songs are covers, something Neil almost never does. The others are written by the man or in combos with players in the band – The Shocking Pinks.

After “Trans” which bombed at the stores, the record company wanted a hit. Neil turned to country and Geffen screamed they wanted rock’n’roll, and this was the response from Neil. LOL.

Ahh, this album is funny! It is the humour of Neil’s that is showing. And his middle finger to the record company man. Unfortunately they shut Neil and the band down before they could complete “Get gone” and “Don’t take your love away from me” which would have given this album more weight.

Well here’s 3000. I actually like to blast this record on the stereo when I drive down the road in nice weather with the windows down. I can pretend I play it on an old radio. “Payola blues” is fun.

“Wonderin’” is the best song on the album, but it is also one of Neil’s old tracks that he digged up from the archives and used at this recording session. It may have been written early in 1970 and it was considered for “After the gold rush”.

The second side has two nice covers in “Bright lights, big city” and “Mystery train”. Interesting trivia as Neil very seldom records covers.

Anyway this is somewhat of a tongue in cheek one by Neil. It is hard to evaluate. It is nice in the car when cruising, but when I want to put on one of my favourite Neil Young albums I will probably never pick this one. I may take it out to joke with friends: “This is true Neil Young…” Haha.

My rating: 4/10

Side A:

  1. Betty Lou’s got a new pair of shoes
  2. Rainin’ in my heart
  3. Payola blues
  4. Wonderin’
  5. Kinda Fonda Wanda

Side B:

  1. Jelly roll man
  2. Bright lights, big city
  3. Cry, cry, cry
  4. Mystery train
  5. Everybody’s rockin’

Best songs: “Wonderin’” and “Mystery train”

Released on August 1st, 1983

Media: 1983 vinyl UK

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