David Gilmour – David Gilmour (1978)

Run like… short and sweet

“David Gilmour” is David Gilmour’s first solo album, released in 1978, a year after “Animals” and a year before “The Wall”. On this album he tried his wings on his own, and the result is very good. I love this album more today than when I grew up. Back then I listened alot on Pink Floyd and this is clearly not Pink Floyd, so I was taken aback. Nowadays I have grown into it. It is of course dominated by David’s guitar playing.

Here we find some hints at song that would end up on “The Wall”. Some singing on “So far away” is said to be similar to the chorus of “Comfortably numb”, but I can’t really hear it. “Short and sweet” however, has more clearly the same dna as “Run like hell”. Three of the songs are instrumentasls and that’s where his play stand out extra.

This album It is also a much smaller production. Gilmour runs with a small crew on this one. Band mates from his pre-Floyd band Jokers Wild, Rick Willis and Willie Wilson join him on drums and bass. David plays electric, lap steel and acoustic guitars, keyboards, piano and harmonica. I love the sounds of this album, the feeling of a small band, back to the roots and simpler times…

First song “Mihalis” is a very nice instrumental. Back in the days when I collected vinyl bootlegs I had a boot named “Mihalis” taken from Gilmour’s show in Stockholm 1984. Oh, I wish I were there. And how I regret to have sold all those old bootlegs. Regardless sound quality they were so cool, I loved them. Why did I?

The second song “There’s no way out of here” is a great song. Originally by the band Unicorn, from an album Gilmour produced a couple of years before. It is the albums typical single, even though this is clearly not a pop album.

The third track is the great “Cry from the street” with some very nice guitar licks. Another nice guitar session is “Short and sweet” from the second side. Again, the similarities in style and feeling to “Run like hell” is something you can’t stop hearing as soon as you notice it. I see it like an early demo, sort of.

“Raise my rent” is another instrumental that is wonderful due to the sharp guitar sound. “No way” is a bluesy tell tale of miscontent within the supergroup. That the song is directed to the dictator of Pink Floyd, soon to be, is not a far fetched guess.

The third instrumental is named “Deafinitely”. It seems to be a experimental song where David tries out new sounds. It’s the feeling I get at least. Maybe he wanted to do some of those sounds and was turned down by the guys in Floyd…?

The last song “I can’t breathe anymore” is another song that in a clear way predict the break-up of Pink Floyd only two albums down the road. Strong personalities and pride would be the end to one of the greatest band on earth. Here it is written out in the open. It’s also a powerful last song with an anthem-like guitar ending.

Love this album. Yup. It’s like I have grown into it, that my age and taste in more complex or delicate music has allowed me to appreciate it more. That’s good.

My rating: 7/10

Side A:

  1. Mihalis
  2. There’s no way out of here
  3. Cry from the street
  4. So far away

Side B:

  1. Short and sweet
  2. Raise my rent
  3. No way
  4. Deafinitely
  5. I can’t breathe anymore

Best songs: “There’s no way out of here”, “Cry from the street”, “No way”

Released on May 25th, 1978

Media: 1978 LP, gatefold, Made in Sweden

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