Madonna – Like a virgin (1984)

Before the butter dripped off his noodle

I am a Madonna fan! Maybe this comes as a surprise? Well, she is a cool lady. This is actually a case where I love the persona of the artist as much,  if not more than, the music she delivers. She doesn’t give a fuck about what people think or say about her and I love her for that.

Madonna is also an artist that is very visual for me. Here music videos play a big part when I think of her. And her MTV Music Awards performance of songs as “Like a virgin” and “Vogue” are classics. And there are many more performances by Madonna that are breath taking.

In the early nineties she published her book “Sex” with its daring content, a lot of nude photos. The coffee table book has a metallic cover and was hidden inside some metallic bag when it was sold. I bought it on a vacation to the States but I sold it to a dear friend of mine. I gave him a very good deal, something I can come to think about nowadays when I see how much it cost on the internets.

Anyway, I like her later albums more than her “bubble gum” pop of the eighties, but there are som classics on this one like “Material girl” and of course the smash hit “Like a virgin”. How can you listen to this song and not think on her performance on MTV…?

“Love don’t live here anymore” is a good one. It hints of the coming evolution of her music. It feels like a newer song than many of the others on the album. Madonna also gives the best vocal performance on the album, I feel you babe.

Overall this second album from Madonna is too uneven. Produced by Nile Rogers that made “Let’s dance” with Bowie the year before it is well produced but most of the songs are too lightweight. Some of her later albums are better.

My rating: 5/10

Side A:

  1. Material girl
  2. Angel
  3. Like a virgin 
  4. Over and over 
  5. Love don’t live here anymore 

Side B:

  1. Dress you up
  2. Shoo-bee-doo
  3. Pretender
  4. Stay

Best songs: “Like a virgin”, “Love don’t live here anymore”, “Dress you up”

Released on November 12th, 1984

Media: 140 gram white vinyl, Limited Edition

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