Alphaville – Forever young (1984)

Time becomes an illusion 

Alphaville’s debut album “Forever young” is a fantastic late discovery of mine. I knew of the famous songs when I grew up but I was not into synth-music at that time. Alphaville like Soft cell, Depeche Mode and Howard Jones were bands I heard on the radio and at the occasional high school dance in my small home town, but I didn’t listen to their LPs back then. This is now rectified.

When I listen to this album now I remember my youth, mostly my teenage horniness and frustration from those night as the communal dance place for youngsters. Wasn’t we all horny as hell all the time back then? These songs tends to bring back those memories.

Nowadays my musical taste has broaden, and as this album has one of the best pop songs of all time I clicked “Add to cart” when the super deluxe edition was released in 2019. New heavy weight vinyl, three CDs and one DVD. Happy times.

It is crazy how good this album is when it hits. I am not sold on all tracks and as I don’t have any more nostalgic feelings of the album, except for the faint feeling of uncomfortable frustration, I only value the songs that makes me happy now. 

The first song is fantastic, “A victory of love”. The second song is a dud. The third is “Big in Japan” a huge hit when I grew up. I listen to it together with myself 35 years younger and we love it a lot. The fourth song, “To Germany with love”, has a funky nice bass and tone. I don’t think I have heard it before but it swings, man. Must love it. Heck even “Fallen angel” is great, a little melancholy is never wrong. The first side is very strong, almost like a “best of”-album.

The second side of the album is home right away. Regardless the rest of the songs, with the wonderful “Forever young” nothing else matters. Time stands still when I listen to this song. The memories from back home come crashing in. And the song is still so strong. This is a candidate to the best pop song all time. It is even better than the other “Forever young”… Old geezers will know which one.

“Sounds like a melody” has a very nice melody and the synthesizers are excellent in this one. I like the second part of the song more. “Lies” starts out as a typical filler and grows and grows to a really likeable silly pop song, maybe a hidden gem on the record? I don’t like “The jet set” that much, feels like one of the off songs. But maybe it is the national anthem of Alphaville? Yes?

“Forever young” doesn’t make you young forever, but it sure feels like it.

My rating: 8/10

Side A:

  1. A victory of love
  2. Summer in Berlin
  3. Big in Japan
  4. To Germany with love
  5. Fallen angel

Side B:

  1. Forever young
  2. In the mood
  3. Sounds like a melody
  4. Lies
  5. The jet set

Best songs: “Forever young”, “A victory of love”, “Big in Japan” and “To Germany with love”

Released on September 27th, 1984

Media: Box Set, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, 180g Vinyl, Reissue, Remastered 2019, incl 3CD + DVD

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