Simple Minds – Sparkle in the rain (1984)

Some say we’ll be together a very long time

Well, no actually. This is the start of the decline of the great early eighties band Simple Minds. Unfortunately they started to get more and more boring, frankly speaking. From post-punk new wave to stadium rock. Boring. They may have been more successful, but to my ears they declined over the next albums and I lost track of them.

“New gold dream” was their pinnacle, in my mind at least. But they broke the spell and went for cash, and it all starts with this record. Especially the singles are competent but “safe” and yes, again, boring. They enjoyed success, the next album is their best seller I think, but they slipped away from my view. Nowadays I have taken them up again and someday I’ll do a push and review all my Simple Minds albums. It will be nice to re-visit them in a bunch. Some of their later stuff is interesting.

Anyway, there are a few tracks that still are enjoyable. “The book of brilliant things” is rather good. “Waterfront” is a spectacular song with the bass intro and the heavy drums. The song has been played to death in live shows so I feel fatigue.

The slow building up of “East of Easter” is one of my favourite parts on the album. This is a song I still enjoy when I listen to their live shows. 

Back in the eighties I had a lot of bootleg tapes and a few boots on vinyl. I think I might still have one or two left.

The second side of the album i a little more anonymous I think. It is fine, like most of the album, but it doesn’t excite me. The best track might be “The kick inside of me”.

This album is part of the nice box of remastered 180g vinyl albums covering their first seven LPs released in 2015.

My rating: 4/10

Side A:

  1. Up on the catwalk
  2. Book of brilliant things
  3. Speed your love to me
  4. Waterfront
  5. East at Easter

Side B:

  1. Street Hassle
  2. White hot day
  3. C’ moon cry like a baby
  4. The kick inside of me
  5. Shake off the ghosts

Best songs: “Book of the brilliant things”, “East at Easter” and “The kick inside of me”

Released on February 6th, 1984

Media: Box Set, 2015, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Remastered, 180g

4 thoughts on “Simple Minds – Sparkle in the rain (1984)

  1. Agree they became a boring group. We do like the same songs from the album. I could add Upon the catwalk and Street hassle – the last one is a Lou Reed cover. The original is of course better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll review all the earlier albums someday. Can be fun to see if we like the same songs for them too. Haven’t heard the Lou Reed orignal. Need to check it out! 🙂


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