Neil Young – Eldorado (1989)

Why only in the Pacific?

After “This note’s for you” Neil changed style again. In the autumn of 1989 his true come back album “Freedom” was released, but already in the spring of that year he released a mini-album in Japan and Australia. What kind of nonsense is that? Only in the Pacific? Eat a peach.

It is only five songs, yes a mini-album. We get two songs that aren’t released on any other album; “Cocaine eyes” and “Heavy love”, an remixed and extended “Don’t cry” including a longer guitar jam as well as alternate mixes of “On Broadway” and “Eldorado”.

The new songs are very interesting to me but they are not great enough for buying this expensive album except for completists. “Heavy love” is the better of the two. The longer version of “Don’t cry” is rather nice. “On Broadway” sounds heavier, and I like it a lot.

The reason why I think this kind of behaviour is nonsense is that it is so damned hard to find this on vinyl. I found mine in Tokyo. I went there for work meetings in the spring of 2018 and stayed an extra weekend visiting Swedish expat friends. During a day sightseeing with my friend we came to a section of Tokyo were there were a lot of record stores with loads of used records. It were actually the same store spread out in a lot of small shops. Some of the shops were up on the fifth or seventh floor, all were super small and they had different styles in each like jazz, classical, seventies rock, metal etc. I found my way to the one that had Neil and found one copy of this rarity, a Westwood One transcription of the SF show from “A Rusted Out Garage”-tour as well as a 200 grams test pressing of “Prairie wind”. Very nice finds. 

I am happy I have one original of this rarity. It may very well be reissued by Neil in his Original Records Series and then I may have payed too much for this one, but that is something that can always happen. I saw this for the first time in my life and I did not know when I would see it again, if ever. And as they say, the time to buy is when you see it.

My rating: 5/10

Side A:

  1. Cocaine eyes
  2. Don’t cry
  3. Heavy love

Side B:

  1. On Broadway
  2. Eldorado

Best songs: “Heavy love” and “On Broadway”

Released on April 17, 1989

Media: Vinyl, EP, Mini-album, Australia 1989

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