Neil Young – Fireside Sessions Barnyard Edition (2020)

All together

The things I love the most with NYA? I love the “Hearse Theater” with all the films of unreleased and released live concerts. I love the “Letters to the Editor” where the man himself answers letters from the fans. And I love these “Fireside Sessions” that keeps popping up as welcoming surprises. And remember, Neil has made the whole site free during the pandemic.

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Neil Young – Fireside Sessions IV (2020)

For Big Bear and Buddy

The fourth Fireside Session, shown at NYA, was recorded on May 7th, the birthday of my late father. The first song as usual performed by the outdoor fireplace. Early evening in the Coloradian mountains. The sky is big and yellow, not yet red. We get a nice rendition of “One of these days” from “Harvest moon”. Then, again, Neil fixes his harmonica holder on the old horse shoe. It needs maintenance!

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Neil Young – Fireside Sessions II (2020)

Snow angels 

The second Fireside Session was recorded a mere week after the first one and now the snow was deep in the Mountains of Colorado. Neil plays “Four strong winds” in a profusely snowfall. But it is still, no strong wind in sight. Daryl makes snow angels. A strange situation we all are in now. How beautiful life is but it is not nice with a pandemic.

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Neil Young – Fireside Sessions I (2020)

A gift was given

Celebrating Neil Youngs fantastic website Neil Young Archives, NYA, I am going to write about the “in the moment”-home videos Neil has released recently.

Neil and wife and camera person Daryl Hannah have recorded short films with Neil playing songs in the home or around his ranch up in the mountains of Colorado. They are called “Fireside Sessions” as he is sitting at fireplaces outdoor or in the living room. This first one was recorded in March, when it was snow in the air. 

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Neil Young – Best albums of the 1970s (and 1969)

A look back on Neil’s 11 albums from 1969-1979

Now when I’ve reviewed “Rust never sleeps”, the last studio album of the seventies, it seemed like a great time to stop and reflect. I have had a look at all eleven albums since the self titled debut album from 1969. With one album per year most of the years, he is really productive our dear friend uncle Neil, I think I will do one of these looking back and rank’em for each and every decade. This is the first one and this decade actually covers eleven years! Strangeness in Neilverse.

The seventies was clearly Neil’s golden era. All albums in this list are more or less great, I enjoy to listen to them all. This is a truly impressive list.

Let me start with the number 11 and work my way down to the number one.

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