Kate Bush

My queen, the mysterious and wonderful Kate Bush. I love the evolution of her expression and her voice. From the early phase I love the theatrical expression, her strong will, her going her own way. Nowadays I love the development of her voice, it’s more mature, more sensual, even more alluring.

Kate Bush is magnificent. She’s a perfect witch, a mother and my queen forever. She’s Egwene, Amys and Moiraine in one. She’s the sky of honey, she’s snowed in, she’s cloudbusting and running up that hill. She is the best.


1978 The kick inside
1978 Lionheart
1980 Never for ever
1982 The dreaming
1985 Hounds of love
1989 The sensual world
1993 The red shoes
1994 Live at Hammersmith Odeon (live 1979)
2005 Aerial
2011 Director’s cut
2011 50 words for snow
2016 Before the dawn (live 2014)
2018 The other sides – 12″ Mixes
2018 The other sides – The other side
2018 The other sides – In other’s words

Studio albums ranked:

  1. Hounds of love (1985)
  2. Aerial (2005)
  3. Never for ever (1980)
  4. 50 words for snow (2011)
  5. The kick inside (1978)
  6. Lionheart (1978)
  7. The dreaming (1982)
  8. The red shoes (1993)
  9. The sensual world (1989)

Note: also including live albums, the very best overall album is Before the dawn (2016)

Top 10 songs:

to be updated