Stills-Young Band – Long may you run (1976)

Eat a peach

Neil can be many things, but easy to work with is not one of them. In 1976 he joined up with his old running mate from the the Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young times, Stephen Stills. Neil and Stephen are like cat and dog, always fighting. I think the great sadness for Stephen is to have been in Neil’s shadow his whole career. The completed a studio album but the following US Tour was suddenly ended when Neil left him and the band in the middle of it all. Neil left Stephen a note: “Dear Stephen, Funny how some things that start spontaneously end that way. Eat a peach, Neil.”

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The Doors – The Doors (1967)

The blue bus is calling us

Talking about “Apocalypse now”… here is an album that reminds me even more about that film. My old friend Big Frans sent via Royal Mail a gift containing two LPs. I reviewed the first one “Let it bleed” yesterday. The other LP was the self-titled debut album from The Doors.

Now this is a completely different story. I have always liked The Doors, but I am not a dedicated fan. I have been a “passive” fan if such a thing exists. But it only takes me a few seconds of the beginning of “Break on through” for me to realise that this gift may become an expensive one.

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The Rolling Stones – Let it bleed (1969)

I’m a monkey

As a Stones newbie I am now going to get to know “Let it bleed”. My friend Big Frans recently sent me two albums as gifts. Thank you my friend, and I bow my head. This was a really nice surprise. He is a nice guy, Frans.

I think I want to review the albums in celebration of the gifts. Here is the first review, the second to come soon. 

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Neil Young – Rust never sleeps (1979)

It was that great Grand Canyon rescue episode

“Rust never sleeps” came out the last year of the seventies, the decade that gave us all those concept albums, and “Rust never sleeps” is Neil’s variant of a concept album, sort of. The first side of the album is all acoustic while the second side is all glory to electric boogie. This is an album that clearly can challenge to be Neil’s best album, or in the pantheon at least.

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Neil Young – Comes a time (1978)

Down from the Misty Mountains

Neil didn’t make a sequel to his smash hit album “Harvest” until 1978. He has said he didn’t want to travel in the middle of the road, he headed for the ditch. He met more interesting people there he said. After some dark times, grieving dead friends, and a lot of guitar-based Crazy Horse sessions he finally went for the lovely and harmonious country rock that made “Harvest” what it is.

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