The Rolling Stones – Let it bleed (1969)

I’m a monkey

As a Stones newbie I am now going to get to know “Let it bleed”. My friend Big Frans recently sent me two albums as gifts. Thank you my friend, and I bow my head. This was a really nice surprise. He is a nice guy, Frans.

I think I want to review the albums in celebration of the gifts. Here is the first review, the second to come soon. 

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Neil Young – Everybody knows this is nowhere (1969)

Has your band begun to rust?

This is such a great record. Neil’s second album after leaving Stephen Stills and the rest of the guys in Buffalo Springfield is also the first with Crazy Horse. This is of course the original line-up with Danny Whitten on rhythm guitar, Billy Talbot on the bass and the sluggish Ralph Molina on the drums. After the problems with the mixing of the first album, Neil changed how he recorded. Now it is “live in the studio” and only a few pieces added on later such as backing vocals. This is something he has done ever since. It’s a great decision and it is so typical Neil. I love him for it.

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