Neil Young – Zuma (1975)

I know she’s living there

Released late 1975, this is mainly Neil and Crazy Horse. There are some great Crazy Horse tunes here folks. And then, Neil ends the album with a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young track. Curious indeed.

I have always liked the album quite a lot, but it has never been a top favourite of mine. Still, my gut feeling told me that it would be quite enjoyable to listen to. When was the last time I actually listened to it? Don’t know. On closer inspection it is better than I remembered. Slow, soft and heavy. Wooden music, country and garage rock, all mixed together. This album has some of his greatest live tunes around. Neil’s seventies is stellar all over!

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Neil Young – Tonight’s the night (1975)

Please take my advice

I am not often in the mood for Tonight’s the night. It is too bleak and depressing, all about dead friends. The overall feeling of the album is as black as the cover. Rest in peace Bruce Berry and Danny Whitten.

Often an album is greater than the sum of its parts. For this album it is quite the opposite. The overall feeling I get is mostly sadness or maybe it is melancholy? But, there are some great songs on there nevertheless.

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