Neil Young – American stars ‘n bars (1977)

Once I thought I saw you

“American stars ‘n bars” is another album that’s probably better than I remembered. My problem with it has always been that is a mix and match of different recordings from sessions between 1974 and 1977, and that it maybe lacked a consistent feeling throughout. I was very curious what the record would give me this time.

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David Bowie – “Heroes” (1977)

My first Bowie album

I am fairly sure that “Heroes” was the first album by Bowie I ever owned. It must have been around 1981 when I was working in a record shop two weeks as part of an assignment for school. All kids got to work as interns at real work places. I choose a record store in my small home town Skövde. My friend worked at a bakery and got home every day with a bag full of still warm sweet pastries. I got to pick one record “for free” after my two weeks of work. The decision felt monumental… it was “Heroes”…

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