David Gilmour – David Gilmour (1978)

Run like… short and sweet

“David Gilmour” is David Gilmour’s first solo album, released in 1978, a year after “Animals” and a year before “The Wall”. On this album he tried his wings on his own, and the result is very good. I love this album more today than when I grew up. Back then I listened alot on Pink Floyd and this is clearly not Pink Floyd, so I was taken aback. Nowadays I have grown into it. It is of course dominated by David’s guitar playing.

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Neil Young – Comes a time (1978)

Down from the Misty Mountains

Neil didn’t make a sequel to his smash hit album “Harvest” until 1978. He has said he didn’t want to travel in the middle of the road, he headed for the ditch. He met more interesting people there he said. After some dark times, grieving dead friends, and a lot of guitar-based Crazy Horse sessions he finally went for the lovely and harmonious country rock that made “Harvest” what it is.

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Kate Bush – The kick inside (1978)

Kate’s stellar debut album

Kate Bush is one of the most impressive artists out there. Her voice is her most magnificent instrument, there is talk about four-octave range which would be very impressive indeed. She may not be able to go all the way with her voice anymore, and yet I love it more and more the older she gets. But singing aside, it’s her personality I really love, or is it maybe her artist persona? To me I see a powerful will with a strong individual self. She’s like a witch, but the good kind. I get the feeling that she will only have it her way, and I admire that. Her story started in the seventies…

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