Neil Young – Old ways (1985)

He had a ’84 International

In 1984 Neil didn’t release any new studio album. He and Crazy Horse had a recording sessions that didn’t result in any release (yet). Geffen Records sued Neil for not sounding like Neil Young, a lawsuit that ended with Neil winning and Geffen apologising. Later in the autumn of ’84 Neil embarked on a tour with the International Harvesters where he debuted a number of country songs. Now the table was set for “Old ways”, the album Neil wanted to do already in 1983.

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Kate Bush – Hounds of love (1985)

Somewhere in the depth there is a light

“Hounds of love” is the album by Kate Bush for me. It’s the one I have loved over the years. Her magnum opus. Sadly, I was kind of disappointed by the follow-up album “The sensual world” and I lost track of Kate for many years. Kate’s music was not there any longer, the picture in my mind of her froze in time and in that picture “Hounds of love” is number one.

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The Cure – The head on the door (1985)

Eyeliner and mascara

I started to really listen to The Cure in 1985, and the path to my cure was through the head on the door.

At the time, back home in Skövde, I had started to hang with a new crowd. Boys and girls with eyeliner, mascara and hair standing up, helped by regular soap bars. Some brands of soap, with the exact right amount of water, could be used to get the long hair to stand right up and up into the night. The crowd listened to Joy Division, The Cure and The Beatles. I joined, bringing a love for David Bowie. The meetings were fruitful in multiple ways.

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Marillion – Misplaced Childhood (1985)

A leap of faith

I found “Misplaced childhood” in a used records bin at Camden Market in London in 1985. I was stricken with the LP-cover right away. It seemed to talk to me, and I somehow knew the album would be great. The hit single “Kayleigh” would be known to most within a year, but I had never heard about Marillion at that point. It was a leap of faith. Something I hardly ever did or do.

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