The Doors – The Doors (1967)

The blue bus is calling us

Talking about “Apocalypse now”… here is an album that reminds me even more about that film. My old friend Big Frans sent via Royal Mail a gift containing two LPs. I reviewed the first one “Let it bleed” yesterday. The other LP was the self-titled debut album from The Doors.

Now this is a completely different story. I have always liked The Doors, but I am not a dedicated fan. I have been a “passive” fan if such a thing exists. But it only takes me a few seconds of the beginning of “Break on through” for me to realise that this gift may become an expensive one.

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Kate Bush – Live at Hammersmith Odeon (1994)

Synchronise rhythm now

Kate Bush doesn’t do a lot of live shows. She performed live in London during the autumn of 2014 and a live album was released from those shows. It is to be reviewed here at Onelouder at a later date. The last live tour before 2014 was in 1979. No stand-alone live album was released but in 1981 a VHS of the show was released, and in 1994 it was re-released with an accompanying CD. Live material from Kate being so scarce, we must take what we can get!

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