Pink Floyd – A saucerful of secrets (1968)

“… clear that I’m not here.”

As much as I have loved Floyd over the years I have always divided their discography in two sections. The good part starts with “Meddle”, and the strange and unwelcoming part contains the five first albums. Today I’ll review one of the albums in that older group, the band’s second album “A saucerful of secrets”. It was released in 1968.

During the recording sessions, in January 1968, Syd Barrett was replaced by childhood friend David Gilmour. The band very briefly was a quintet and they did some shows in January 1968 as a five-piece band. But soon Barrett’s erratic behaviour made him impossible to work with.

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Marillion – Misplaced Childhood (1985)

A leap of faith

I found “Misplaced childhood” in a used records bin at Camden Market in London in 1985. I was stricken with the LP-cover right away. It seemed to talk to me, and I somehow knew the album would be great. The hit single “Kayleigh” would be known to most within a year, but I had never heard about Marillion at that point. It was a leap of faith. Something I hardly ever did or do.

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