The Cure – The top (1984)

Please come back, all of you

Back in 1984 whilst in high school, I found new friends. It brought happier times and life long friends, but also an inflow of new musical influences. The Cure was one of the bands I discovered via Per and Anders and the other guys in the pack I started to run with.

I immediately fell in love with The Cure and hastily checked out their back catalogue. The new album was “The top”. It was not my favourite. After the stellar debut album they followed it up with three dark and really depressing albums, it was glorious, it was depp-rock. I still love that trio; “Seventeen seconds”, “Faith” and “Pornography”. After an off year that only produced a mini-album heavily influenced by New Order they came out with this bridge album before another impressive run of four albums beginning with “The head on the door”.

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David Gilmour – David Gilmour (1978)

Run like… short and sweet

“David Gilmour” is David Gilmour’s first solo album, released in 1978, a year after “Animals” and a year before “The Wall”. On this album he tried his wings on his own, and the result is very good. I love this album more today than when I grew up. Back then I listened alot on Pink Floyd and this is clearly not Pink Floyd, so I was taken aback. Nowadays I have grown into it. It is of course dominated by David’s guitar playing.

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Neil Young – Fireside Sessions Barnyard Edition (2020)

All together

The things I love the most with NYA? I love the “Hearse Theater” with all the films of unreleased and released live concerts. I love the “Letters to the Editor” where the man himself answers letters from the fans. And I love these “Fireside Sessions” that keeps popping up as welcoming surprises. And remember, Neil has made the whole site free during the pandemic.

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Neil Young – Fireside Sessions IV (2020)

For Big Bear and Buddy

The fourth Fireside Session, shown at NYA, was recorded on May 7th, the birthday of my late father. The first song as usual performed by the outdoor fireplace. Early evening in the Coloradian mountains. The sky is big and yellow, not yet red. We get a nice rendition of “One of these days” from “Harvest moon”. Then, again, Neil fixes his harmonica holder on the old horse shoe. It needs maintenance!

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Neil Young – American stars ‘n bars (1977)

Once I thought I saw you

“American stars ‘n bars” is another album that’s probably better than I remembered. My problem with it has always been that is a mix and match of different recordings from sessions between 1974 and 1977, and that it maybe lacked a consistent feeling throughout. I was very curious what the record would give me this time.

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Neil Young – Everybody knows this is nowhere (1969)

Has your band begun to rust?

This is such a great record. Neil’s second album after leaving Stephen Stills and the rest of the guys in Buffalo Springfield is also the first with Crazy Horse. This is of course the original line-up with Danny Whitten on rhythm guitar, Billy Talbot on the bass and the sluggish Ralph Molina on the drums. After the problems with the mixing of the first album, Neil changed how he recorded. Now it is “live in the studio” and only a few pieces added on later such as backing vocals. This is something he has done ever since. It’s a great decision and it is so typical Neil. I love him for it.

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