Neil Young – Rust never sleeps (1979)

It was that great Grand Canyon rescue episode

“Rust never sleeps” came out the last year of the seventies, the decade that gave us all those concept albums, and “Rust never sleeps” is Neil’s variant of a concept album, sort of. The first side of the album is all acoustic while the second side is all glory to electric boogie. This is an album that clearly can challenge to be Neil’s best album, or in the pantheon at least.

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Neil Young – American stars ‘n bars (1977)

Once I thought I saw you

“American stars ‘n bars” is another album that’s probably better than I remembered. My problem with it has always been that is a mix and match of different recordings from sessions between 1974 and 1977, and that it maybe lacked a consistent feeling throughout. I was very curious what the record would give me this time.

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Neil Young – Zuma (1975)

I know she’s living there

Released late 1975, this is mainly Neil and Crazy Horse. There are some great Crazy Horse tunes here folks. And then, Neil ends the album with a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young track. Curious indeed.

I have always liked the album quite a lot, but it has never been a top favourite of mine. Still, my gut feeling told me that it would be quite enjoyable to listen to. When was the last time I actually listened to it? Don’t know. On closer inspection it is better than I remembered. Slow, soft and heavy. Wooden music, country and garage rock, all mixed together. This album has some of his greatest live tunes around. Neil’s seventies is stellar all over!

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Neil Young – Colorado (2019)

Waiting for Ragged Glory

This is a way too early album review of Neil’s new album “Colorado”.

Earlier this year news came from Neil Young’s excellent web site that he was going to re-release and expand the 1990 album “Ragged glory” including 40 minutes of unreleased material. A double LP of studio material from the session that brought us one of Neil’s very best albums. I was ecstatic. But we seasoned fans of Neil Young are used to waiting and thus, we are still waiting.

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Neil Young – Live at the Fillmore East (2006)

Purple words on a grey background

This is the very first Performance Series to see the light of day. It was released back in 2006, and it’s a glorious vinyl record. Neil and Crazy Horse live at Fillmore East, New York, in March 1970. Neil is joined by the second line-up of Crazy Horse with Danny Whitten, Billy Talbot, Ralph Molina and added Jack Nitzsche on piano. This brief early 1970 tour was the last tour with Danny Whitten who tragically died in 1972.

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Neil Young – Everybody knows this is nowhere (1969)

Has your band begun to rust?

This is such a great record. Neil’s second album after leaving Stephen Stills and the rest of the guys in Buffalo Springfield is also the first with Crazy Horse. This is of course the original line-up with Danny Whitten on rhythm guitar, Billy Talbot on the bass and the sluggish Ralph Molina on the drums. After the problems with the mixing of the first album, Neil changed how he recorded. Now it is “live in the studio” and only a few pieces added on later such as backing vocals. This is something he has done ever since. It’s a great decision and it is so typical Neil. I love him for it.

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