Pink Floyd – Atom heart mother (1970)

Charlotte Pringle’s due

Is it avant-garde?” principal Snyder asked at the end of the episode “The Puppet Show” and I could say the same. Is it avant-garde?

The album “Atom heart mother” is the last album before Pink Floyd “arrived”. By the next release they would forever be among the greatest bands in history.

But here in 1970 they were still honing their skills. Their previous album “Ummagumma” was built on some great ideas that didn’t translate to the black gold. The result was really not that good. It was more psychedelic than melodic. “Atom heart mother” suffers from the same, but it is a giant leap forward and they are close to “getting there”.

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Pink Floyd – The piper of the gates of dawn (1967)

The crazy diamond shone

I find it funny that there seems to be so much prestige in which incarnation of Floyd we fans love the most. Many pretentious fans love Syd’s Floyd but that is not me. Of course, I came in late, in the early eighties, and I have always enjoyed David’s singing and his heavenly guitar playing. I guess if you were there at the time, in the middle of the sixties, and followed the band when it started it would have been something else. Syd was the musical and artistic leader of the band back then. Already during the development of the second album they transformed into a five-piece and then to a quartet again, now with less Syd but a Dave added. Syd burnt out like in the song by Neil Young.

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Pink Floyd – A saucerful of secrets (1968)

“… clear that I’m not here.”

As much as I have loved Floyd over the years I have always divided their discography in two sections. The good part starts with “Meddle”, and the strange and unwelcoming part contains the five first albums. Today I’ll review one of the albums in that older group, the band’s second album “A saucerful of secrets”. It was released in 1968.

During the recording sessions, in January 1968, Syd Barrett was replaced by childhood friend David Gilmour. The band very briefly was a quintet and they did some shows in January 1968 as a five-piece band. But soon Barrett’s erratic behaviour made him impossible to work with.

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