Kate Bush – Hounds of love (1985)

Somewhere in the depth there is a light

“Hounds of love” is the album by Kate Bush for me. It’s the one I have loved over the years. Her magnum opus. Sadly, I was kind of disappointed by the follow-up album “The sensual world” and I lost track of Kate for many years. Kate’s music was not there any longer, the picture in my mind of her froze in time and in that picture “Hounds of love” is number one.

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Kate Bush – Never for ever (1980)

I’m coming, coming, coming honey

The cover of “Never for ever” shows us Kate standing on a hill. Cascades of magical beings are shot out from under her skirt. There is a swan, a goblin, an angry bat, monkeys, a toad, a cat and many many more fantastic creatures. Where do they come from? How long have they lived there? Why did they leave?

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