The Cure – The top (1984)

Please come back, all of you

Back in 1984 whilst in high school, I found new friends. It brought happier times and life long friends, but also an inflow of new musical influences. The Cure was one of the bands I discovered via Per and Anders and the other guys in the pack I started to run with.

I immediately fell in love with The Cure and hastily checked out their back catalogue. The new album was “The top”. It was not my favourite. After the stellar debut album they followed it up with three dark and really depressing albums, it was glorious, it was depp-rock. I still love that trio; “Seventeen seconds”, “Faith” and “Pornography”. After an off year that only produced a mini-album heavily influenced by New Order they came out with this bridge album before another impressive run of four albums beginning with “The head on the door”.

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The Cure – The head on the door (1985)

Eyeliner and mascara

I started to really listen to The Cure in 1985, and the path to my cure was through the head on the door.

At the time, back home in Skövde, I had started to hang with a new crowd. Boys and girls with eyeliner, mascara and hair standing up, helped by regular soap bars. Some brands of soap, with the exact right amount of water, could be used to get the long hair to stand right up and up into the night. The crowd listened to Joy Division, The Cure and The Beatles. I joined, bringing a love for David Bowie. The meetings were fruitful in multiple ways.

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