Top albums per year

This will be personal, nostalgic and autobiographical lists. However, I will also take the opportunity to try out albums I am curious about. It may be albums I missed when I grew up, or albums I have read or heard about since.

Of course the focus will be on old favourites, the “nostalgia” will be a strong factor. That will compete against the “freshness” of a recently found album that I still may have a “honey moon” affair with.

This will also be in the moment, lists of how I felt when they were released. Even if I loved an album in the 80s, I must still like it now for it to make my list. Only to rely on old memories will not do. It’s the same as with old favourite movies, when you re-visit them they either stand the test of time and can be nostalgic gold, or they fade away in dissapointment and embarressment.

I will also update the lists if I fieel the need. The lists will probably not be updated frequently, but it may happen.

And of course this will be my personal, subjective opinions. I have my favourite artists, musical genres and styles. I have no intention to claim this to be objective at all. Maybe your favourite artist will be missing, please list you favs in the comments and I will maybe give them a spin!

This are lists of ranked albums, not songs. I will focus on original studio albums and rank them by how I feel about them in my gut and heart. The full album is in focus here, as it were back in the days when we enjoyed vinyl albums.

How about compilations? Nope, unless they bring something unique to the table.

Live albums? Sure, could be interesting if the live album has an individual id.

Soundtracks? Welcomed!

“Various artists” albums? Why on Earth would I include them? Bull aight, if the album is strong enough, let’s go.

Below the list of completed top 10 lists…


1970 released on June 16th, 2020

1984 released on July 21st, 2020